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Who is a Chief Happiness Practitioner

COVID-19 has changed the world! People are no longer going to offices and so being a Chief Happiness Officer is not going to be the same as before! The world has moved on and what it is now needed are Chief Happiness Practitioners (CHP). A CHP is someone who knows how to be happy at work or while working from home! As a CHP, you learn techniques to get mental & emotional balance for self & for others around you. A CHP does not worry about Work and Life Balance but integrates them together with a sense of ease. A CHP knows how to create happiness for colleagues and for family members at the same time. A CHP knows how to keep people happy while working from the physical space together or from a remote location.
Are we ready for a society of happiness and wellbeing?

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Learning from Experience

Founder Luis Gallardo

Luis Gallardo is the Founder of the World Happiness Fest. He is the President of the World Happiness Foundation and the Founder and Author of the TEOH Lab and Happytalism.

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happiitude Karan Behl

A specialist in merging together workplace happiness with revenue, profitability, and business growth, he is famed among top global happiness and thought leader communities. He has been a speaker at Happiness & Mindfulness conferences around the globe. He has worked with more than 50,000 people, 150 companies from 35 countries. Karan has been featured by BBC World, Zee Business, The Weeks Magazine, Indian Express, Mid Day, TOI, The Hindu, and many other leading media platforms.

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