Legacy building in Bhutan

Buddhist monks, astrologists, farmers, teachers, government officials, activists, intellectuals will share with us their reason for being, the passions behind a society willing to act as a catalyst for change and transformation. In the heart of the Himalayas. 

Happiness is an inside job. We'll realize who we are in Bhutan, and will redefine our goals and broaden our perspective, becoming more conscious, whole-beings. 

What is the question that will bring more light into your world today?

Consciousness check in India

Get ready for deep impact

All the tools to become a game-changer

This experience will combine theory and practice, touching on the latest research from positive psychologists, but also delving into the practical applications of what we’ve learned and are still discovering in the field. Happiness will be brought front and center, as we explore and understand how people can lead happier, more meaningful lives.

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