Get ready for deep impact.

After this workshop, you’ll be able to

  • Understand the science of happiness and the opportunities that exist for your organization

  • Measure the benefits of Organizational Happiness

  • Utilize each of the 3 pillars of Organizational Happiness to change your company culture

  • Build your Organizational Happiness plan and define first steps towards implementing this within your organization

Participants will all receive:

  • Coaching

    1-1 coaching meeting with Lars or Mohit on your organizational happiness (OH) plan.

  • Organizational Happiness Book and Motivational Landscape Tool

    A 220-page practical handbook on ‘Employee Happiness’ (pdf version) and 3 months of free usage of Motivational Landscape tool.

  • A certification in Organizational Happiness from the United Nations established University for Peace

The Sessions Include:

  • 1. The Science of Happiness & Real Employee Engagement

  • 2. The Business Case & A live example

  • 3. The Happiness Sweet Spot: Purpose, Strengths & Compassion

  • 4. How to Measure, Monitor and Act on Organizational Happiness & Real Employee Engagement

  • 5: Putting it All Together: From Strategy to Action

Schedule of live online sessions:

  • The course starts on January 25 and ends on Febrary 22
  • Tuesdays from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

In this program, The ‘live virtual’ workshops will replicate face-to-face sessions as if we were together in the same room. We will be dynamic, using break-out rooms, real-time polls, and interactive activities. 

This course also counts as part of the Diploma in Social Innovation or Global Leadership Diploma

Watch Intro Video

The Happiness Sweet Spot: Purpose, Strengths & Compassion


Dynamic and stimulating online experience

Zahra Karsan, Founder & CEO GetZENd

"UPEACE creates a dynamic and stimulating online experience that makes you feel just like you’re in an in-person workshop. The use of breakout rooms allowed me to have small group exercises with other participants, just as we would do in a normal classroom setting. It gave us a truly personal way of connecting with each other"

Organizational Happiness is the perfect course

Gabriela Perez, School Principal, Dominican Republic

"In times when life gets complicated and results are demanded in the workplace, Organizational Happiness is the perfect course to give you the tools to make a happier, emotionally safe place for your team. This leads to more productive employees who are creative, enthusiastic, and happy.

I love the practical approach of this workshop.

Franklin Castro, Regional Business Solutions Manager at GBM, Costa Rica

"An intensive training about creating a culture where happiness is essential to both the organization and the employees. Learn about it, get the frameworks and design them to work for you. I love the practical approach of this workshop."

Come up with practical and simple ways to build a culture where employee happiness really matters.

A certificate is awarded upon completion by the Centre for Executive Education at the University for Peace, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Course Instructors

Founding Director, UPEACE Centre for Executive Education Mohit Mukherjee

Mohit is an innovator in the learning and development area, with nearly two decades of experience working with professionals from around the world in the areas of innovation, leadership, and well-being. Since 2006, he has been leading the Centre for Executive Education at the University for Peace, established by the United Nations. Mohit’s background includes management consulting with A.T. Kearney, working with a global non-profit with a focus on sustainable development, leading a private-public partnership, and starting a profitable education enterprise. Mohit is also committed to youth entrepreneurship and recently authored a handbook for social innovators. Mohit has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and did his Master’s at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He was born in Greece to Indian parents and currently resides in South Florida.

HR Executive and Talent Management Expert Lars Kure Juul

Lars is an International Trusted Advisor, Author, HR Executive and Talent Management Expert working out of Copenhagen with a wide range of Leaders, International Organisations, and Institutions across the globe. Lars’ educational background is a Masters of Law from the University of Copenhagen and HR, Leadership & Talent Management from INSEAD, and Harvard Business School. Lars is the author of the #1 International bestselling book, Organizational Happiness on creating a unique competitive advantage with a focus on Purpose, Strengths, and Compassion. Lars is also the author of HR Fitness on Strategy into Action with effective HR strategy and processes. Lars' mission and WHY is “To Inspire, Facilitate And Help So That People And Organisations With Important Missions Develop, Aspire And Succeed."


Located in Costa Rica, the University for Peace (UPEACE) was established in December 1980 as a Treaty Organization by the United Nations General Assembly. UPEACE is the only university in the United Nations system authorized to offer academic degrees in the field of peace and conflict studies

Within the University for Peace, the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education was launched to deliver dynamic workshops, seminars and training courses. In a world that needs more changemakers, these courses are designed to empower people and provide them with the skills, mindsets and networks to make a positive impact on the world.