The Pathway of Love

The Pathway of Love requires a deep surrender to the qualities of the Divine Feminine. No matter who you are or what your life circumstances, you are on the Pathway to Love. When we realise this in our lives it can bring things into focus. It is the most essential thing we are here to remember. All else in your life can fade into the background in the light of this truth. Ask yourself how you are doing on this Pathway, and hold your hand on your chest when you feel the answer inside. Spend some time with your heart, softening the spaces around it and giving yourself the Gift of Tenderness. You are doing so well. Just keep reminding yourself of the great lessons – slow down, soften, listen and pay more attention to the essential in your life – the people you love, nature, your body and the wonder of the passing moment.
The Art of Contemplation in the Path to Love

Three Planes of Contemplation

Contemplation has a trinary base. It works on the mental, emotional, physical plane. We focus our mind deeply into information. Then we gradually open the second layer – the emotional aspect which is connected to our heart and sharing with others. While we can walk through the mental aspect of contemplation in solitude, the emotional one is connected with others. It is about our relationships. iIf we stay on the mental level, the contemplation will not go further. It will be just an additional toy for the mind: yes, it will be tasty but as a matter of fact, it will be useless and will not bring any satisfaction. Emotional aspect is concerned with our feelings, and it’s on this level we start to remember at the DNA level who we really are. This memory comes up on the surface not at the mental level but at the level of the feelings, emotions. The power of heart and mind joined together is the essence of contemplation. When awareness dawns upon our body through sensing, we might feel discomfort because very often the first thing we come across on the emotional level is our pain, our shadow side, our victimless. That’s where we can find the real treasure. While we continue diving deeper into contemplation, we reach the physical level, the deepest one.
The Art of Contemplation in the Path to Love

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Founder Luis Gallardo

Luis Gallardo is the Founder of the World Happiness Fest. He is the President of the World Happiness Foundation and the Founder and Author of the TEOH Lab and Happytalism.

Creator of the Gene Keys Richard Rudd

An international teacher, mystic and poet, Richard Rudd attended Edinburgh University where he gained a Master’s degree in literature and metaphysics. A born explorer, he has studied with great teachers in the East, traveled through the Himalayas, the Pacific, the Americas and the Arctic. He worked in the film industry in Australia, trained as a teacher of Chi Kung and meditation in Thailand and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a small yacht. Throughout his adventures Richard has explored his love of writing and in 2006 he won the FISH international poetry award in Ireland. Richard's mystical journey began early in life as he experienced strange energies rushing throughout his body. This catalyzed his spiritual search. All his studies became synthesized in 2002 when he began to write and receive the Gene Keys - a vast synthesis exploring the miraculous possibilities inherent in human DNA. It took 7 years to write the book and understand its teachings and applications. Today Richard continues to extend and embody the wisdom he receives, sharing it with an ever-growing audience around the world. His work has been translated into many languages, and in 2019, Richard was named on the Watkins list of The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People.

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