What 'IS' Mindfulness


  • A Non-Judgement based approach

  • Acceptance

  • Playfulness

  • A natural way of BEING

What 'IS NOT' Mindfulness

  • A 15 minute daily practice

  • Positive Thinking

  • Something which needs EXTRA time or EFFORT

  • Something you can understand by reading

  • Something which is slow to give results

This course is for :

HR / L&D / Employee Engagement Professionals, Mindfulness Practitioners, Psychologists, Counsellors, CBT/NLP Practitioners, Life Coaches, Consultants, Corporate Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Doctors, Nutritionists, Healers, Health and Well Being Consultants..... and anyone who wants a BEGINNER'S MIND

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'Mindfulness in Action' is a 6 week Online Certification course that primarily focuses on bringing a shift from ‘Mindfulness as a 15 minute practice’ to ‘Mindfulness as a natural state of being.’ The intention is to guide participants and equip them with tools that changes Mindfulness from a mere living room practice to an everyday pursuit of life, which includes relationships, business and lifestyle.
Certified Mindfulness Coach
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Mindfulness in Action

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Your 6 Weeks course includes

8 LIVE sessions & easy to use toolkit and resources

  • 6 Live Online Sessions (2.5 Hours each)

  • 2 Additional Live Heart to Heart connect sessions

  • 35-Days Daily Mindfulness Activities

  • Toolkits, Methods & Frameworks

  • Mindfulness Course Practices Booklet

  • Mindfulness Cognitive Exercises Booklets

  • Mindfulness Cards deck

  • Your own 8 Weeks Online Mindfulness Course Structure

  • Meditation Audio Files , Workshop Music

  • A detailed PDF presentation deck

'Mindfulness in Action' - Course curriculum

    1. Message from the coach

    2. Enhance Your Learning Experience

    3. Intro to the course

    1. Session One - Introduction

    2. Exercise 1 - Judgement

    3. Practice 1 - Non Judgement

    4. Exercise 2 - Disowned shadow Self

    5. Practice 2 - Namaste

    6. Exercise 3 - Dharana (Contained Focus)

    7. Practice 3 - Dharana 7-point Posture

    8. Observation sheet

    9. Weekly Practise Planner

    1. Session Two - Introduction

    2. Exercise 1- Trash or Treasure

    3. Practice 1-Breaking own IDentification

    4. Exercise 2-My Memorials

    5. Practice 2-Staying Light Hearted

    6. Practice 3-Dharana 7-point Posture

    7. Cultivating Mindfulness

    8. Dharana Illusion

    9. Need to Bring Awareness to One's Footprint

    1. Session 3 - Introduction

    2. Excercise 1 - 5 senses

    3. Practise 1 - Body scan meditation

    4. Excercise 2 - Mindfulness in conflict

    5. Practise 2 - Staying light hearted

    1. Session 4 - Introduction

    2. Exercise 1 - Breathe like a baby

    3. Practice 1 - Savor a journey

    4. Excercise 2 - 8 is better than 10

    5. Practice 2 - G.L.A.D. Technique

    6. Bonus Activity

    1. Session 5 - Introduction

    2. Exercise 1 - Not knowing

    3. Practice 1 - Focus

    4. Exercise 2 - Investor

    5. Practice 2 - Boredom is beautiful

    6. Bonus Practice - Heart Meditation

About this course

  • 2 * $325
  • 39 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Learn from the experience of mentors who have mastered application of Mindfulness for personal and professional excellence

Instructor Pravin Chaturvedi

Pravin is Chief Belief Officer (CBO) at Happiitude. He holds a master’s degree in Philosophy from Mumbai University and studied Business and Management at India’s premium management institute IIM Calcutta. With his unique skill of understanding philosophy, human behavior, and business management, he found his true calling in Happiness as an inner dimension of growth. While on a 9-month spiritual travel to The Himalayas, the forest, and several monasteries, along with a deep study of literature from different gurus, Pravin experienced a new dimension of dealing with life. As a Happiness Consultant, Pravin has worked with 100’s of organizations and 25,000 individuals

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happiitude Karan Behl

A specialist in merging together workplace happiness with revenue, profitability, and business growth, he is famed among top global happiness and thought leader communities. He has been a speaker at Happiness & Mindfulness conferences around the globe. He has worked with more than 50,000 people, 150 companies from 35 countries. Karan has been featured by BBC World, Zee Business, The Weeks Magazine, Indian Express, Mid Day, TOI, The Hindu, and many other leading media platforms.

Course Fees

Regular price - $1085, Early Bird Discount - 40% (valid till April 23rd), Final course fees - $650

Next batch starts : 30th April 2022

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Ipek Atesalp

Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Corporate Trainer, ICF Accrediated Coach – Turkey

It helped me create a space, like a very deep breath. I would call it Heartfulness It touched my heart, opened my mind

Sarah Tortolano

Mindfulness Coach, Well Being leader at school - UAESarah Tortolano

I have done Mindfulness courses in US, UK and now with Happiitude This course was spiritual, helped me re-focus and re-balance myself. I loved the visualizations and practices

Silvia Marra

Happiness Consultant, Actress, Founder & Director – Sinpausa - Argentina

In past never connected with other Mindfulness courses. Experienced Mindfulness for the 1st time and connected with my true nature, my inner being I feel profound gratitude, luminosity, awareness, joy, peace, connected. I feel I can spread my wings once again

Maria Mendoza

Mindfulness Coach - Mexico

I feel so grateful for the past week's activities. This journey came to my life, or I embraced it, in the right moment. I feel a different body, I have enjoyed better and stressed less, I feel like I am going to myself again, connecting inside and outside with less interference. Being aware has been of so much growth to me, I feel lighter, connected and open

Payal Garg

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner – India

Biggest joy after the course is “I am having an LOVE AFFAIR with LIFE”. I am overflowing with love, so I can give more. Mindful living is not a 30 min practice, but a 24*7 lifestyle now

Danielle Mairowitz

Mindfulness Coach - Germany

What an activity ! I was dissolving my frustrations in the morning. I was also doing my best to dissolve impatience that was coming up due to the heat in Berlin at the moment and me sitting in front of the computer all day. I then found that being able to simply let things go when I would normally get frustrated at the end of the work day, is much easier when it comes from a place of love. I love these perspective shifts and seeing where we can allow for space to experience our days from a new light.

Susha Roy

NLP Practitioner, Hynotheraist, Happiness Coach – India

Beautiful and intense journey to inwardness. The daily activities and exercises are the beauty of the course. You begin to live in mindfulness even without realizing it

Priyanka Gulati

NLP Practitioner, Certified International ‘Heal your Life’ workshop leader, Happiness Coach – India

The course content was such that I was flowing with the content and without realizing became one with it After a decade, discovered my writing habit again

Shikha Verma

OD Expert, Employee Well Being & Engagement specialist, Happiness Coach - India

This course is so powerful, it has empowered 70-80% of our batchmates to start taking their own workshops within a week. It helped me deal with my big rock – relationship with my daughter. I let go off control and moved towards calmness, care.