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Chief Happiness Practitioner is a 6 weeks online certification course by Happiitude & World Happiness Academy. This course is launched to help coaches, trainers, HR professionals, business leaders, educators and business owners to get access to tools, resources & content to launch and deliver their own Happiness course, start happiness initiatives and be a part of Global Tribe of Happiness Influencers.

Because when people are no longer going to offices, working with remote teams and finding it difficult to integrate family life with the work, Chief Happiness Officer should not be the same as before! The world has moved on and what it now need is Chief Happiness Practitioner (CHP). This 6 weeks course is a completely immersive experience with real time interactions with your Coach & Cohort. This is one of the very few online courses that are so very interactive and filled with lots of activities. So from the comfort of your home, you can learn & build real social connections with your global tribe from 45 countries.

Get Certified by Happiitude, India & World Happiness Academy, USA

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Course Objective

  • To equip participants with tools to sustain their Happiness on day-to-day Life situations and create a supportive environment for others.

  • To create an experience where participants can be relieved of their unnecessary baggage of negative emotions.

  • To experience the power of gratitude, compassion and empathy in all areas of life.

  • Build a Roadmap with daily rituals and practice to make happiness as a way of being.


Course Objective

  • Designing Happiness Strategies and initiatives for remotely working teams.

  • Connectedness Activities and Initiatives for Teams.

  • Discovering Individual & Family (or Team) Values.

  • Learn to define Values into Behaviors.

  • Designing Rituals to bring these behaviors in to actions.

  • Measurements.

  • Building Roadmaps with group rituals & practices.


Course Objective

  • Learn to deliver an Online Workshop (2 hours to one month) on Happiness for employees, individuals or Teams.

  • Toolkits, Small Wins & Daily Practices.

  • Daily Activities for your participants.

  • Participant Manuals & Instructor Manuals with PPT Deck.

  • Learn to launch your own workshops (promotion, Logistics & delivery)

  • Launch your own Happiness Sessions.

Course Methodology:

Reflective activities (Individual & Team), introspections, Group discussions, Story-telling and case studies.

  • The course includes incredible perks...

    ...6 Live & Interactive Online weekly sessions - Live (3 hours each) In case you miss any of these sessions, you will be provided with the recording for that...

  • ...4 Recorded Sessions by Global Experts...

    ...Joint Certification by Happiitude & World Happiness Academy / Access to Global All Heart Happiness Tribe with monthly live sessions / Access to Online Learning Management system (LMS) with great quality Happiness Content, videos & research papers...

  • ...42-Days of engaging Happiness Activities -1 each day...

    ...A detailed Instructor Manual for launching your online course. Access to Happiness Performance Scorecard & Workplace Happiness Survey · Learn to Create Happiness Initiatives at Workplace · Detailed PPT Deck & Participant manual with 50+ activities

Learn from the experience of thought provokers, scientists and activists realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness. For all.

Professor at the University of Texas

Kristin Neff

Kristin Neff is an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin's department of educational psychology. She is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on self-compassion, being the first one to operationally define and measure the construct over a decade ago.

Professor at University of Texas. Author of HappySmarts

Raj Raghunathan

Raj is a Zale Centennial Professor of Business at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. He is interested in exploring the impact that people's judgments and decisions have on their happiness and fulfillment.

Founder of Friday. Editor of the Happy Planet Index

Nic Marks

Nic Marks was once described as a “Statistician with a Soul” because of his unusual combination of ‘hard’ statistical skills and ‘soft’ people skills. He has been working in the field of happiness, wellbeing, and quality of life over the past 25 years with a particular emphasis on measurement and how to create a positive change.

Co-editor of the World Happiness Reports

John Helliwell

John F. Helliwell is in the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia, a Distinguished Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and co-editor of the World Happiness Reports.


Luis Gallardo

Luis Gallardo is the Founder of the World Happiness Fest. He is the President of the World Happiness Foundation and the Founder and Author of the TEOH Lab and Happytalism.

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happiitude

Karan Behl

A specialist in merging together workplace happiness with revenue, profitability, and business growth, he is famed among top global happiness and thought leader communities. He has been a speaker at Happiness & Mindfulness conferences around the globe. He has worked with more than 50,000 people, 150 companies from 35 countries. Karan has been featured by BBC World, Zee Business, The Weeks Magazine, Indian Express, Mid Day, TOI, The Hindu, and many other leading media platforms.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Note

    • How to Enhance Learning Experience

    • Pre - Session work

    • On Happiness with Matthieu Ricard 1

    • On Happiness with Matthieu Ricard 2

    • The Why of Happiness with Ed Diener

    • Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff

    • Happiness and the working environment

  • 2

    Week 1 - Questioning Happiness

    • Course Structure

    • Key Principle 1 - Whole & Complete

    • Key Principle 2 - Quality of participation

    • Story - That was That

    • Case study - Alvin (10 years)

    • Activity 1 - 'I' activity

    • Activity 2 - Choose a happy name

    • Activity 3 - Definition of happiness

    • Activity 4 - What makes you happy

    • Activity 5 - What does happiness feel like

    • Daily Activity Sheets

    • CHP Session 1 Part 1

    • CHP Session 1 Part 2

  • 3

    Week 2 - In Search of Happiness

    • Journey so far

    • Key Principle - When Emotions are the Driving Force

    • Framework 1 - Four Zones of Happiness

    • Framework 2 - Thoughts to Result Model

    • Story - Churning of the Sea

    • Case study 1 - Alvin (18 years)

    • Case study 2 - Alvin (30 years)

    • Case study 3 - Alvin (70 years)

    • Activity 1 - Churning of the Sea

    • Activity 2 - Process of Producing Result

    • Activity 3 - Movie Called my Life

    • Activity 4 - Releasing the Trash

    • Activity 5 - Where is Life - Reminder

    • Activity 6 - Tathastu Meditation

    • Activity 7 - Heart Meditation

    • Daily Activity Sheets

    • CHP Session 2 Part 1

    • CHP Session 2 Part 2

  • 4

    Week 3 - Redefining Happiness

    • Journey so far

    • Key Principle 1 - Tathastu - Yes to Life

    • Key Principle 2 - Emotional Signature

    • Story - Cost of Happiness

    • Framework - Emotion to Result Model

    • Activity 1 - Atlas of Emotions

    • Activity 2 - Discover your Emotional Signature

    • Daily Activity Sheets

    • CHP Session 3 Part 1

    • CHP Session 3 Part 2

  • 5

    Week 4 - Embracing Unhappiness

    • Journey so far

    • Receptivity

    • Doubting mind

    • Rasa Sadhana

    • l Constitution

    • Daily Activity Sheets

    • CHP Session 4 Part 1

    • CHP Session 4 Part 2

  • 6

    Week 5 - Designing Happiness

    • CHP Session 5

    • Happiness Journal

  • 7

    Week 6 - Gifting Happiness

    • Blueprint_Course Overview

    • Additional 7 days activities

    • Session 1_Instructor Manual

    • Session 1_Participant Manual

    • Session 2_Instructor Manual

    • Session 2_Participant Manual

    • Session 3_Instructor Manual

    • Session 3_Participant Manual

    • Session 4_Instructor Manual

    • Session 4_Participant Manual

    • CHP Session 6 Part 1

    • CHP Session 6 Part 2

  • 8

    Music and Meditations

    • Blossom Music

    • Unmanifested Exuberance

    • Forgiveness Meditation

  • 9

    Meetup 1

    • CHP - Meetup 1

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