Learn from the experience of thought provokers, scientists and activists realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness. For all.

more than 100 hours of ground-breaking insights

    1. The Economics of Happiness - Dr. John Helliwell

    2. The Impact of GNH (Gross National Happiness) beyond GDP - Dr. Saamdu Chetri

    3. New Insights on Gross National Happiness with Dr. Saamdu Chetri

    4. Prosocial for Human Happiness - Dr. Paul Atkins

    5. Happytalism. Building the Foundations of New Paradigms for Human Progress. Jayme Illien and Luis Gallardo

    6. Happiness. A New Development Discourse - Mariano Rojas and Luis Gallardo

    7. Measuring Well-Being. Policy Applications of Well-Being Metrics - Carrie Exton

    8. Happiness Mainstreaming. La Estrategia Política de la Nueva Era - Maite Sarrió

    1. The Antidotes to Uncertainty - Dr Tal Ben-Shahar

    2. Taking Action for Happiness - Dr. Mark Williamson

    3. Self-compassion as a tool for social change - Dr. Kristin Neff

    4. The Impact of Positive Leadership under the COVID-19 outbreak - Mohit Mukherjee

    1. Transformative Technologies and Flourishing. The Finders Path. - Dr. Jeffery A. Martin

    2. On Awakening and Growth throughout Sound Technologies - John Dupuy

    1. How Positive Education is defining the future.

    2. How to develop our strengths as parents so they can impact positively on our kids - Dr. Lea Waters

    3. Do not be blinded by Happiness. Towards integral education models - Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

    4. Human Education and Wellbeing for Teachers - An Essential Part of Future Schooling - Dr. Elke Paul

    5. Joining the dots between human flourishing and our mental health - Prof. Katherine Weare

    6. The Happy Schools program in Vietnam - Ha Vinh Tho

    7. The ingredients of happiness and wellbeing and practical ways to incorporate them into primary schools. - Adrian Bethune

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