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Their Mission

In 2019, Latin Biz Today and the World Happiness Foundation forged an alliance to inspire the Latinx community to strive for a life of fulfilment. Their common goal is to empower individuals to create relationships that will positively impact and enhance their family, work life, and culture. Latin Biz Today is a U.S multimedia platform established in 2010 to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Les “Coach” Fernandez. Founded on the principles of Mentorship, Community and Belonging, Latin Biz Today’s 170 thought leader, mentor-contributors provide advice and insights, interacting virtually and in person through numerous events. They also produce original and exclusive, high-value, multi-media content. Through this thoughtful, informative, and inspirational content, LBT brings together folks from the large U.S. and global Latinx community. Spotlights on inspirational people and businesses underscore both the challenges and successes they face. LBT is uniquely positioned to engage a U.S. universe of Latinx small business owners, their C-Level executives, those considering starting a business, and those employed in all facets of the economy—a cohort in the business workforce whose numbers are well in excess of 20 million people. In addition to strategic business content, Latin Biz Today has launched 5 new channels dedicated to specific industries. Latin Biz Today’s mission is to drive business success, enhance work, life and culture, and bring entertainment to the Latinx business community. Through insightful and motivational articles and presentations, Latin Biz Today offers practical tips and guidelines for achieving a happier more fulfilling existence in all aspects of life. Creating happiness is the business of life.

About Our Partnership

We are thrilled to have Latin Biz Today as a partner. While this partnership is relatively new Our Founder and President Luis Gallardo has been involved with Latin Biz Today since 2012. as a mentor-contributor. He is a current member of the Latin Biz Today Advisory Board. A fellow Latin Biz Today mentor-contributor and advisory board member Chuck Garcia will be offering a keynote at our up-coming Belonging Summit on November 20th at 4:30 pm. Speaker, author and Founder of World Happiness Foundation, Luis Gallardo is an active contributor on Latin Biz Today! Please read his insightful article below on how Relationships are Vital to Business Growth.

Featured Speaker

Chuck Garcia, a Latin Biz Today advisory board member, is also an executive coach, professional speaker, bestselling author, and President of Climb Leadership International. He coaches executives and speaks at venues worldwide on Public Speaking, Executive Presence, and Emotional Intelligence. A 25-year veteran of Wall Street, he spent years in leadership positions at Bloomberg and BlackRock. Chuck can be heard each week on his radio program called A Climb to the TOP: Stories of Transformation and teaches Leadership Communication at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Engineering. His website is chuckgarcia.com.

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