Belonging. What is in it that can help us all to thrive?

During this virtual summit, we'll share and learn from the change-makers building communities around the world with a SOUL. Trust has become a key tenet for wellbeing, during this incredibly interactive event we'll go above and beyond to unlock and unfold all the elements that can help us flourish, NOW. Together
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Join thousands of us, and more than 60 Agora Hosts and Guides from all over the world.

Sharing the wisdom and tools to unfold the power of belonging

We are looking for community builders with a SOUL. Individuals with a deep sense of responsibility towards self-compassion and social impact. If you want to share your insights and actions, and to learn from like-minded shapers around the world, this is your tribe. Belong.
Are we ready for a society of happiness and wellbeing?

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Learning from Experience


Luis Gallardo

Luis Gallardo is the Founder of the World Happiness Fest. He is the President of the World Happiness Foundation and the Founder and Author of the TEOH Lab and Happytalism.

CEO and Founder of WholeBeing Institute Brasil

Henrique Bueno

Como CEO e fundador do Wholebeing Institute Brasil e do World Happiness Fest Brasil, Henrique é palestrante internacional, facilitador de programas de felicidade, liderança e comunicação e professor convidado em diversas universidades. Suas palestras, workshops e projetos de transformação positiva são conhecidas por mais de 50 empresas, escolas e órgãos públicos, além de eventos no Brasil e exterior.

Co-editor of the World Happiness Reports

John Helliwell

John F. Helliwell is in the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia, a Distinguished Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and co-editor of the World Happiness Reports.

Psy.D. Positive psychologist

Maria Sirois

Dr. Maria Sirois is an inspirational speaker, consultant, and licensed psychologist who has worked in the fields of wellness and positive psychology for twenty years. As a positive psychologist (Psy.D.) she focuses on the resilience of the human spirit particularly when under chronic stress, during significant transitions, and/or feeling the shock of wholesale change. Known for her wisdom, authenticity and rampant humor, Maria brings a depth of experience in personal and leadership development for corporate and non‐profit professionals, as well as community members, parents, and those who serve in the health and wellness arenas. Her work in the medical, legal, human service, financial, technology and educational sectors focuses on building capacity and engagement around chronic stressors such as conflicting goals, difficult conversations, unrealistic expectations and moments of failure — using such moments to leverage sustained positive shifts in perspective and ability.

Award-winning author

Megan McDonough

Megan McDonough is the award-winning author of Infinity in a Box and A Minute for Me. Megan uses divergent thinking and creative perspectives to build organizations and networks that harness the best in people for the greatest good. With a degree in nuclear medicine, senior leadership experience in healthcare, two decades as a yoga practitioner and teacher, and experience directing numerous online-learning start-ups, Megan focuses on how to get from point A to point B through whole-person engagement. A national media source for Fast Company, Yoga Journal, and Woman’s Day, Megan is an explorer at heart, working with the WBI team to navigate the path from dreaming about the summit to actually climbing the mountain.

Professor at University of Texas. Author of HappySmarts

Raj Raghunathan

Raj is a Zale Centennial Professor of Business at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. He is interested in exploring the impact that people's judgments and decisions have on their happiness and fulfillment.

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